Become a Brush Lettering Badass Today!

Break Out of Beginner Status In About a Month!

Learning brush lettering seems like something you can only dream of doing, right? Wrong! I know you have a desire to learn the technique, but you don't have the time to search out all of the different tutorials.

You need a self-paced course that walks you through which brush lettering tools are best for beginners, and how to write trendy letters you see today on Instagram! I have taken all of the guesswork out of it for you!

Have You Ever Felt This Way?

You're in awe of watching talented brush letterers share video clips of their work on Instagram and you think to yourself, "I could never learn that" - even though I know that's not true! You just want someone to help you learn step-by-step with video instruction that you can actually find useful! I got you!

When it comes to learning new artistic techniques you're:

  • Often arguing with yourself that you could never be as good as those brush lettering pros. Self-doubt enters your precious head and you self-sabotage before you even start.
  • Struggling to understand which tools to start with when it comes to brush lettering because no one tells you! Can someone throw me a bone here?
  • Ready to take on the challenge to create gorgeous brush lettering quotes, or maybe even start your own little side business addressing wedding invitations and more!

You want to be able to start a side business using your new brush lettering skills because:

  • You are passionate about pretty brush lettering and you know there is a market for it!
  • You want to DIY your own wedding or party planning invitations because HELLO, brush lettering is GORGE!
  • You want to make money doing what you love, and anything artistic makes you happy!

Plus, think how fun it will be to learn this awesome skill! Your Instagram will be BUZZING!

If you can relate to any of the above, you’re in the right place! Just keep reading!

Imagine If You Could Make Your Dreams a Reality?


Becoming a Brush Lettering Badass will teach you how to brush letter the easy way that:

Gets you noticed

Make you feel stress-free and relaxed writing gorgeous words

Saves you money by letting you DIY your brush lettering projects


With Becoming a Brush Lettering Badass, you can:

Save money.

Design your own party invitations and signage for your wedding or event.

Create beautiful work.

You'll get noticed, and your brush lettering will only get better with time, people will want you to write for them!

Open up possibilities.

Just think, you could start your own brush lettering business creating art for craft shows or for hire!

Besides Being Awesome at Brush Lettering, You'll Be Able To:

Create on your schedule.

You won't have to wait until a professional has a free moment in their schedule. Do it on your time!

Decorate your home.

Imagine beautiful brush lettering quotes that surround your lovely portraits on a gallery wall.

Master a skill.

Be able to say you defeated self-sabotage and put yourself up to the challenge to learn brush lettering!

Why I Created This Course

Hi, I'm Holly McCaig

Hey there! I don't know if we have met yet, or even chatted before, but in case we haven't I wanted to introduce myself to you!

I am a graphic artist and blogger. I’m passionate about helping other creative entrepreneurs find success by providing you with tips, tutorials, and strategies to help you quit your day job or take your current biz to the next level.

I just love helping people!

As part of my design business, I offer brush lettering branding for other female owned, small business or bloggers. Check out my work here.

I spent hours and hours, and too much money to count, learning how to brush letter on my own. I mastered it, and I found just the right tools you need to be great at it too!

I didn't want this to be a secret like it was for me! You can learn, and I am going to show you, that's why I created Becoming a Brush Lettering Badass!

What you get when you enroll in Becoming a Brush Lettering Badass


Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

I've created five modules + an intro section each with separate lessons in video format. I share my screen and walk you through everything that is important to learn brush lettering skills and what tools to use.

Demonstration Videos

I put together ten demonstrations videos in real time set to music so you can watch me from start to finish on brush lettering ten different quotes. Sometimes, just watching is all you need to get a good jump start on learning something new.


Lifetime Access

You'll receive lifetime access to Becoming a Brush Lettering Badass along with any updates to it. Plus, you'll have access to all of the downloads that come with the course.

Exclusive Community Membership

I have a private Facebook community where you can ask for feedback from me or other members. Plus, you can share what you're working on and how Becoming a Brush Lettering Badass has helped you.


What Tools Will I Need to Purchase?

I'm keeping it simple, and showing you which tools I recommend for beginners. For this course, you will need some paper (I use Rhodia dot pad paper in this course), pencil, eraser, a ruler, and a Tombow Dual Brush Pen and a Pentel Art Brush Pen. You can use any color, but black is a good one to start with for your lettering projects. I will go over other products in the course in more detail and explain why I love certain things over others. But for now, that's all you need to invest in to get started.

christina-wHolly's class Becoming a Brush Lettering Badass is amazing! I am learning (slowly on my own terms) how to brush letter and make my own logos for clients! Soon I will be able to implement it, but for now, it is so much fun to follow along. She makes it easy to learn and answers all of the questions you have for her.Christina Nova W. of Peanut Media

What Is Covered In This Course?

This course is separated into an Introduction and 5 Modules in video format.


I'll introduce myself and qualifications plus we'll go over the supplies we'll be using in detail and I'll explain why you should use them. And, we'll discuss what we're going to learn and some things to consider before we get started.

Module 1 | Tools of the Trade

We will discuss foundation tools that will make brush lettering much easier to learn, and we'll go through the types of brush pens on the market.

Module 2 | Breaking Down Letters

I'll help you understand letter terminology and help you get a better idea of lettering descriptions - maybe so you can win that trivia question!

Module 3 | Brush Script Letter Formation & Forming Words

I'll take you through some writing exercises and teach you how to hold your brush pen properly. Then, we'll work with basic strokes while moving onto the alphabet. Next, I'll show you how to write words in a basic style, plus how to jump into the modern style of loopy and swooshy letters!

Module 4| Creating Your Lettering Project

I'll show you where to find inspiration for your lettering art projects as well as how to sketch out ideas and get started on your first project!

Module 5 | Vectoring Your Art

I'll walk you through scanning your art and how to clean it up using Adobe Photoshop as well as digitizing in Adobe Illustrator. Even if you don't have these programs, save this module for later!

Bonus Items

As an added bonus, I'm giving you these goodies just for enrolling!

Beginner brush lettering course to help you learn brush lettering techniques and tools in about a month.

Pretty Little Letters Workbook

My 40-page workbook was developed for individuals that felt comfortable with the techniques of brush lettering but wanted a better way to practice letters and words in two different styles. Value $25

Beginner brush lettering course to help you learn brush lettering techniques and tools in about a month.

10 Real Time Demo Videos

Watch ten of my real-time demonstration videos using different brush pens to write out various quotes. See my process from start to finish. Value: $197

Vector My Letters is an online self-paced ecourse that teaches you how to digitize your lettering projects from hand lettering to calligraphy to brush lettering, and how to sell them!

Vector My Letters ECourse

I've included the Vector My Letters e-course as a bonus because it was developed after I created this course. I wanted to give those that are comfortable with lettering the instruction on how to turn their art into digital format and how to sell them. Value: $40

Beginner brush lettering course to help you learn brush lettering techniques and tools in about a month.

50-Page Guide Book

Everything I am teaching is also included in a 50-Page Guide Book so you can use it to jot notes or follow along with each video module. Value: $99.

This brush lettering course was great! I am new to brush lettering, but Holly walks you through the tools and basics to get you going. She explains and shows everything clearly and provides awesome supplement materials. The later lessons are ideal once you mastered the basics. This course helped me to hand letter welcome bags, tags, name cards and more for my wedding. I got many compliments on the items--to which I attribute to the skills I learned from Holly's course!
Emily Kant Schlimme

Ready to Learn Brush Lettering?

Invest $79 and stop wasting time!
Create gorgeous work and consider starting your own business!

Save money and time by having access to this self-paced course that will walk you through everything you need to know from tools to techniques to my opinions on what works and doesn't - all from someone that self-taught themselves the hard way!

Self Study Course

  • Immediate access to the course videos, downloads and membership site
  • Exclusive membership to our private community to interact with me and receive feedback from other members too
  • Lifetime access and upgrades
  • Course worksheets and downloads
  • 10 Bonus demo videos and art printables

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling in this course, please review the entire sales page. You will be agreeing that you understand what this course includes and that if you simply change your mind you will not be issued a refund. I request that my students show me their work and discuss their concerns with me so that we can ensure that communication is clear for future students. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone in the future that requests a refund.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Brush lettering may come naturally for some, but for you, you want the step by step techniques, and I'm here to give them to you! And, I want you to be happy with your investment in this course, Becoming a Brush Lettering Badass. So, you may request a refund within the first 14 days of your enrollment by sharing completed homework assignments with me. I just want to make sure that you're being honest and fair and that what I have taught you has been valuable. I know it is, I want you to succeed!

Still have questions?

What software do I need for vectoring?

I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to teach the vectoring portion of this course. Even if you don't have these programs, I recommend the course just to learn brush lettering.

I am not an artist, will this be difficult?

You should see my usual handwriting, you'd laugh! Look, the one thing I tell you over and over again in this class is that you MUST PRACTICE, a lot!

What tools will I need?

I recommend the following in this course: Tombow Dual Brush Pen (any color, but black is nice), Pentel Art Brush Pen, pencil, eraser, clear ruler (I demo inside course) and some copy paper. Then if you wish: Rhodia Dot Pad Paper.

When does this course start and finish?

It starts now and never ends! It's completely self-paced and online. You decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to this course?

How does lifetime access sound?

How do I join the private Facebook Community?

I'll send you a link within 48 hours of enrolling in the course so you can join the amazing online group where you may participate with other classmates.