What if you could design your own logo and branding and get the expertise of a brand designer to make sure you’re doing it effectively?

You’d save a ton of money, and headaches, right?

I’m a graphic artist and I am a brand designer.

I work closely with female business owners to help them get better clarity about their brand, target audience, and identity. I do realize that not everyone can afford me, that’s why I put this course together. I believe that everyone deserves a beautiful logo.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You love good design. You’ve worked hard to create a business idea that you just know will be banging, but you’re:

  • Feeling intimidated by all of the amazing brand identities out there done by top designers, and you can’t afford to hire them too.
  • Stumped because you have a vision for your business, but design isn’t really your strong point. You need some direction from a professional.
  • Overwhelmed with how to use Adobe Illustrator to create your brand identity, it feels too complicated.
  • Wishing you could hire a top designer, but since you’re just starting out, you’re on a budget. Designing your own logo is just how it has to be.

Having a basic understanding about branding and brand identity are important to you because you:

  • Are serious about your blog or business - you want to take the time to evaluate your brand and create an identity that makes sense.
  • Want to attract the right target audience to your business. Good design is important to you.
  • Can’t spend the money to hire a designer at this time.

Plus, learning how to use a graphic design program like Adobe Illustrator is useful for your business!

If you can relate to any of the above, you’re in the right place. Just keep reading!

I have the perfect solution for all of that!

Create Your Brand

Create Your Brand will guide you through the branding process and teach you how to use Adobe Illustrator to craft your perfect logo so that you can:

Attract the right audience to your business

Look professional with a beautiful brand identity

Gain confidence creating your identity using Adobe Illustrator

Design a brand identity that you can be proud of having.

With Create Your Brand, you can:

Stay on budget.

Creating your own logo helps you stay on a budget as you're starting out fresh with your blog or biz.

Create a professional brand.

You'll receive guidance & support from a professional designer along the way.

Open up possibilities.

Use your new knowledge of design to create more visuals for your business or blog.

Besides being able to create your own Logo in Illustrator, you’ll be able to:

Be in control of your brand.

By learning the design principles we'll cover, you'll look great while doing it, too!

Design on your schedule.

You won’t have to wait for a brand designer that you can’t afford. DO it on your time.

Attract your target audience.

Your logo will look fresh, and represent your brand message.

Why I Created This Course

Hi, I'm Holly McCaig

Hey there, I’m Holly McCaig.

I don’t know if we have met yet, or even chatted before, but in case we haven’t, I wanted to introduce myself to you!

I am a brand strategist and I create beautiful brands for some amazing female business owners. I am passionate about helping other entrepreneurs find success by sharing my experiences, tutorials and other strategies to help you quit your day job or just take your business to the next level.

I realize that not everyone can afford my branding services. That’s okay! In fact, I probably couldn’t afford me either. But, I do value the time of a designer. We put a lot of work into what we do.

I decided that I wanted to help ladies just like you how they could create your own logo by following my guidance. You may not be able to afford my time, but I believe that I can give you my insights and advice so you can Create Your Own Brand.

So, if you’re not in a position to hire me to design your brand identity, I believe that this course may be right for you. I hope that you’ll jump right in and take control over your brand!

Some of the Brands I've Developed

Carrie Ayn Photography Custom Branding package.

Holly helped me to have a basic understand of Illustrator and now I feel confident I can create something for my brand that will look professional and polished. The best part is I have a new found love for Illustrator, too! I have so many projects planned! - Kathern

When you enroll in Create Your Brand, you’ll get:


Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

Create Your Brand is an online course where you'll receive access to my four-week program with content-rich instruction via video and worksheets.

Over 100 Design Elements

I will give you a collection of over 100 design elements to help you with your logo design. You'll be able to create gorgeous logos with these!


Lifetime Access

You'll always have access to the course materials including any updates or new modules or templates that I create to accompany the course.

Exclusive Community Membership

An Invitation to join a private Facebook group to share your designs, receive feedback and evaluations and connect with other business owners like you.


Build Your Own Brand Style Guide

After you're all done collecting inspiration, discovering your style, and creating your new logo using Adobe Illustrator, we'll create a brand style guide that looks just like this!

This will give you something to use throughout your entire company as you hire other people to help you, and to stay consistent with your brand identity everywhere.

What Tools Will I Need?


You will need Adobe Illustrator for this course. I recommend version CS6 and higher if possible. However, you should be find using lower versions. You can also download a free trial of Illustrator for 30 days, right here!

What Is Covered In This Course?

This course is separated into four modules. Each module is delivered to you one-week at a time so that you can focus on the lesson of the week. You’ll be able to go back to previous modules at any time after they have been delivered. This course is video format. Plus, I’ll be providing you with any cheat sheets or other downloads that may accompany the modules

Module 1 | Usage & Typography

In this module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Visualize how your logo will be used so you can design for use.
  • Recognize variations of logos and why you might need different designs.
  • Evaluate typefaces for your brand.
  • Understand the importance of using commercial use fonts for your brand.
  • Identify font types and understanding what works well together.

Module 2 | Learning Adobe Illustrator

In this module, I’ll guide you through:

  • The fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator as it relates to your logo.
  • How to use type in Illustrator to achieve the logo effects you want.
  • How to work with artboards and layers to make creating multiple designs for your brand quicker.

Module 3 | Inspiration & Mood Boards

In this module, we’ll:

  • Begin sourcing inspiration for your brand.
  • Identify a feeling or mood for your logo that reflects your message.
  • Create a mood board to assist you in the design process using Adobe Illustrator.

Module 4 | Put It Together

In the last module, we’ll:

  • Create example logos and discuss how to combine elements and type that work.
  • I’ll help you identify how to create variation logos for your brand.
  • I’ll teach you how to create a pattern fill for backgrounds in your marketing.
  • And, we’ll build a brand style board for your design references.

Bonus Items

As an added bonus, you’ll receive my Girl Boss Logo Generator Tools

This pack is worth well over $1000, and I created to help you use design features that work well together so you can craft better designs for your business.


Ready to Learn How to Create Your Own Brand?

Save money, learn Adobe Illustrator and create your own brand! Plus, you’ll have a 20+ year design veteran to guide you along the way!


  • Exclusive membership to our private community to interact with me and receive feedback from other members too
  • Lifetime access and upgrades
  • Bonus Worksheets and Design Tools

100% Money Back Guarantee

Creating your own logo takes commitment and time. And, I want you to be happy with your investment in this course. So, you can request a refund upon completing the first module (must be requested before the second module is released to you) of your enrollment by sharing your completed homework with me. I just want to make sure that you're being honest and fair and what I have taught you has been valuable. And, I know it is!

Still have questions?

What software do I need?

I am teaching you how to create your logo using Adobe Illustrator. I recommend CS6 or higher. Yes, you can use lower versions to accomplish much of what I will do. It's recommended to create your logo using a vector-based program for scalability purposes.

I do not have much of a design eye, will this course work for me?

Yes, I believe that if you apply the principles and techniques that I show you, you'll walk away with something unique and professional-looking. Plus, you can ask my advice in our Facebook Group!

May I share this course with my business partner?

This course is priced low so that individuals benefit greatly! Please purchase one course per person on your team. If you're looking to teach more than three people on your team, please contact me for a special rate.

Can You Review My Work in Private?

Unfortunately, no. If you would like to receive one-on-one consulting or design expertise, you will need to inquire about branding and design services from me. Please note that I don't take on every person that reaches out to me. It has to fit. This course makes it easy to access my knowledge with the videos and private community.