What if you could learn how to master Illustrator and develop your own branding logo?

Your budget would be super happy, right?

I’m here to help with my over 20 years of graphic design experience.

Not everyone can afford a brand designer, but everyone deserves a gorgeous logo!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You love good design, and you want to implement it as part of your brand, but you just can’t afford to hire a designer? Or, maybe you want to do it yourself, but trying to wrap your brain around Photoshop seems daunting? You’re ready to create gorgeous designs and printables for your business growth. It’s time!

When it comes to being in business for yourself, you’re:

  • Overwhelmed with trying to do it all, but you just don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer every time you need something new created for your blog or marketing your new product.
  • Struggling with wrapping your brain around the inner workings of Photoshop, but want to get to a place where you are confident and capable of whipping out new social media sharing graphics and printables for your email opt-ins without the graphic designer education.
  • Ready to streamline your designs so that they match your brand message, and are easy to duplicate for consistency so that you’re providing amazing visuals to accompany your content.

You love good design. You’ve worked hard to create a business idea that you just know will be banging, but you’re feeling intimidated by all of the amazing brand identities out there done by top designers, and you can’t afford to hire them too.

You want to be able to design your own logo in Photoshop because you:

  • Are serious about your blog or business - you want to take the time to evaluate your brand and create an identity that makes sense.
  • Want to attract the right target audience to your business. Good design is important to you.
  • Can’t spend the money to hire a designer at this time.

Plus, learning how to use a graphic design program like Adobe Illustrator is useful for your business!

If you can relate to any of the above, you’re in the right place. Just keep reading!


I have the perfect solution to help you start

Create Your Brand

Create Your Brand will guide you through the branding process and teach you how to use Adobe Illustrator to craft your perfect logo so that you can attract the right audience to your business, look professional with a beautiful brand identity, gain confidence creating your identity using Adobe Illustrator.

So, What Exactly is Create Your Brand?

What will you be teaching me?

I'll be walking you through the basic functions of Illustrator as well as discuss important features of graphic design.

In Create Your Brand You Will Learn

I will teach you in an easy format, what each section of Illustrator means as it pertains to your projects, plus you'll be able to take this new knowledge and apply it to other designs you want or need for your own creative business.

I'll help you understand Typography and Logo usage so you can visualize your new logo on various packages, etc. Understanding the importance of commercial use fonts, too.

Finally, we'll walk through how to find inspiration and build your brand mood board as well as work through the logo process. I'll show you how you can use the bonus logo design kit to help.

You're going to walk away with so much new knowledge!

What Will I Learn When I Enroll?

I've broken this course down into four core modules. Inside you'll learn:

Module 1 | Usage & Typography

  • Visualize how your logo will be used so you can design for use.
  • Recognize variations of logos and why you might need different designs.
  • Evaluate typefaces for your brand.
  • Understand the importance of using commercial use fonts for your brand.
  • Identify font types and understanding what works well together.

Module 2 | Learning Adobe Illustrator

  • The fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator as it relates to your logo.
  • How to use type in Illustrator to achieve the logo effects you want.
  • How to work with artboards and layers to make creating multiple designs for your brand quicker.

Module 3 | Inspiration & Mood Boards

  • Begin sourcing inspiration for your brand.
  • Identify a feeling or mood for your logo that reflects your message.
  • Create a mood board to assist you in the design process using Adobe Illustrator.

Module 4 | Put It Together

  • Create example logos and discuss how to combine elements and type that work.
  • I’ll help you identify how to create variation logos for your brand.
  • I’ll teach you how to create a pattern fill for backgrounds in your marketing.
  • And, we’ll build a brand style board for your design references.

Add Bonus Items Too!

As an added bonus, you'll receive project templates from this course + my Girl Boss Logo Generator Toolkit.

But Holly, Will This Course Help Me?

I believe so! I'm breaking everything down in easy to understand steps for you. If you put in the commitment to focus on learning the software and techniques you're going to do just fine!

"Holly helped me to have a basic understand of Illustrator and now I feel confident I can create something for my brand that will look professional and polished. The best part is I have a new found love for Illustrator, too! I have so many projects planned!" - Kathern

Some of the Brands I've Developed

Carrie Ayn Photography Custom Branding package.

I've built brand identities for a long time. I know what works to find the inspiration for your brand.


As an added bonus, you'll receive my Girl Boss Logo Generator Tools

This pack is worth over $1000, and I created it exclusively for this course. It's designed to help you use the features that work well together so you can craft better designs for your business.


What Tools Will I Need?


You will need Adobe Illustrator for this course. I recommend version CS6 and higher if possible. However, you should be fine using lower versions. You can also download a free trial of Illustrator for 30 days, right here!

Ready to Get Started?

Get access to DIY Logo Foundations or Upgrade and get the entire process of designing your own logo with Create Your Brand.


$199 Lifetime Access
  • Four Core Lessons
  • Includes the DIY Logo Foundations in Module 3
  • Resource Worksheets and Templates
  • Exclusive Membership to Our Private Community
  • Course Upates

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling in this course, please review the entire sales page. You will be agreeing that you understand what this course includes and that if you simply change your mind you will not be issued a refund. I request that my students show me their work and discuss their concerns with me so that we can ensure that communication is clear for future students. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone in the future that requests a refund.

Still Have Questions?

You can always email me directly if the questions and answers below don't help.

Can I get my money back if this course isn't for me?

Yes! I offer a 100% money back guarantee on my courses in the first 14 days. If you aren't happy, just let me know and I'll gladly refund your money. I simply ask that you share your homework with me so we can see if there is anything I do to improve the course.

How is this course delivered?

Once you purchase your enrollment, you can immediately log into the course library. You will get your lessons in video format and can go at your own pace at any time.

I do not have much of a design eye, will this course work for me?

Yes, I believe that if you apply the principles and techniques that I show you, you'll walk away with something unique and professional-looking. Plus, you can ask my advice in our Facebook Group!

Will I need Adobe Illustrator for this course?

Since I am teaching you how to create your logo using Adobe Illustrator, then yes. You can use CS6 and higher. It's always recommended that you design logos using a vector-based program for scalability purposes.

Can you review my work in private?

Unfortunately, no. If you would like to receive one-on-one consulting or design expertise, you will need to inquire about branding and design services from me. Please note that I don't take on every person that reaches out to me. It has to fit. This course makes it easy to access my knowledge with the videos and private community.

What Are Your Waiting For?