I can help you find branding inspiration, learn to curate the right foundation that looks like your ideal client avatar and build the steps to start designing your brand identity.

As a graphic artist, I have spent over 20 years designing brand identities for entrepreneurs.

If you're on a budget and looking to develop your own design identity, do it right!

You've got a great idea for a new online business. Or, maybe you're simply trying to build a brand identity that can be respected by your audience. That pre-designed logo you bought on Etsy isn't cutting it anymore.

Got it.

You can't afford to hire a brand designer, and you're doing everything you can to attempt to create your own logo using the tools you have, like Canva. It's free. Been there.

You get on Pinterest, and you find yourself drawn to what every other entrepreneur has done. Those brand style boards you see are super inspiring. But, guess what? They are THEIR perfect client avatar.

"But, I WANT MY Logo go look like that!"

Stop! Don't copy, be an original!

It's time to visually identify your target audience.

Before you start design work on your new logo, thorough research is essential.

Having a basic understanding about branding and brand identity are important to you because you:

  • Are serious about your blog or business - you want to take the time to evaluate your brand and create an identity that makes sense.
  • Want to attract the right target audience to your business. Good design is important to you.
  • Can’t spend the money to hire a designer at this time.

I have the perfect solution to help you start

DIY Logo Foundations

In DIY Logo Foundations, I’ll walk you through how I work with my one-on-one clients to find their brand identity inspiration and what to look for while doing it. Many people make the mistake of looking at other branding identities to draw inspiration, but I’ll show you how I help people discover how to visually identify their target audience. You’ll have a strong foundation of inspiration built so you can take it to the next level of working with a logo designer, or DIY your own logo.

So, What Exactly is DIY Logo Foundations?

Will you be teaching me how to design my logo?

No, I won't be teaching you the steps to design your logo, but I will be taking you through the inspiration process. Many people, even designers, struggle with finding their ideal inspiration that looks like their business and their client.

If you're interested in the whole process including learning how to design your logo, you might be interested in Create Your Brand. This is my course that walks you through this course including learning Adobe Illustrator and design expertise to design the perfect brand identity.

In DIY Logo Foundations You Will Learn

How to look for inspiration that meets your ideal client avatar and represents your brand. I'll help you determine the keywords and search features exactly how I do it with one-on-one clients.

I'll walk you through the culling process. Narrowing down your inspiration can be a challenge. You'll learn my process for doing this to find a cohesive balance that represents your brand.

Finally, I'll show you how to take your inspiration and put it all together in a mood board that you can use to jump to your next step in brand designing. Even if you work with someone else.

Logo Design is More than Just Putting Shapes Together

What Will I Learn When I Enroll?

This course is for the non-designer! I've broken this course down into three core lessons (plus two bonus lessons). Inside you'll learn:

Lesson 1: Using Pinterest to Gather Inspiration
In this lesson, I'll walk you through the exact exercise I have one-on-one clients complete to find their inspiration for their business and ideal client avatar.

Lesson 2: Culling & Building Cohesiveness
In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to take tons of inspiration and narrow it down into something that is cohesive and truly represents your brand.

Lesson 3: Creating Your Mood Board with Adobe Illustrator
In this lesson, I'm going to walk you through the process of taking your newly culled inspiration and create a mood board where you can draw brand identity inspiration. It will have patterns, typography, vibes, colors and more. For this lesson, I will be using Adobe Illustrator. Watch this, even if you are using one of the Bonus lessons to complete your mood board.

Bonus Lesson: How to Create Your Mood Board with Adobe Photoshop
Exclusive to this mini course.

Bonus Lesson: How to Create Your Mood Board with Canva
Exclusive to this mini course.

But Holly, Will This Course Help Me?

Let's get real here. I am not teaching you any design skills. In fact, you don't need any design skills for this course. What I am teaching you is to avoid plopping down at your computer and simply designing something to use because you like the style. Stop looking at other brands. Stop copying them.

This course is simply ONE part of my bigger course, Create Your Brand. What I will be teaching you is HOW to find the inspiration you need to represent your brand, FOR YOU.

If you choose to design your own logo after you've finished you'll have a great foundation that's built and ready to represent your business. If you want, you can use this lesson to help you talk to your graphic artist. They can use the inspiration to design something that's right for you.

My goal is only to help you be an original.

I've built brand identities for a long time. I know what works to find the inspiration for your brand.

Ready to Get Started?

Get access to DIY Logo Foundations or Upgrade and get the entire process of designing your own logo with Create Your Brand.


$49 Lifetime Access
  • Three Foundation Lessons
  • Two Bonus Lessons
  • Resource Worksheets and Templates
  • Course Updates


$199 Lifetime Access
  • Four Core Lessons
  • Includes the DIY Logo Foundations in Module 3
  • Resource Worksheets and Templates
  • Exclusive Membership to Our Private Community
  • Course Updates

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling in this course, please review the entire sales page. You will be agreeing that you understand what this course includes and that if you simply change your mind you will not be issued a refund. I request that my students show me their work and discuss their concerns with me so that we can ensure that communication is clear for future students. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone in the future that requests a refund.

Still Have Questions?

You can always email me directly if the questions and answers below don't help.

Can I get my money back if this course isn't for me?

Yes! I offer a 100% money back guarantee on this course in the first 5 days. While I hate to disappoint you, you should inform me why the course isn't for you specifically and discuss what we can do differently.

How is this course delivered?

Once you purchase your enrollment, you can immediately log into the course library. You will get your lessons in video format and can go at your own pace at any time.

What if I have questions?

DIY Logo Foundations doesn't come with a private Facebook Group like Create Your Brand does. However, you can use my public Facebook Group, Brand Clarity to reach out to me and other members for feedback.

Will I need Adobe Illustrator for this course?

If you're taking the DIY Logo Foundations, no. I am simply showing you in Module 3 how I use the software to create a Mood Board. The bonus modules will show you how to do that using Photoshop or Canva. You could even take what you learn and manually cut and paste from magazines onto paper or a bulletin board for your inspiration board.

Why should I upgrade to Create Your Brand?

If you want to design your own logo, and learn the skills of Adobe Illustrator to use in your business, I suggest making the investment and enrolling in Create Your Brand instead. While you'll learn everything in DIY Logo Foundations in Module 3, you'll learn much more about typography, copyright and how to put it all together in Create Your Brand. Plus, you have access to me in our private Facebook Group.

What Are Your Waiting For?