You feel like your message is all over the place when it comes to your business.

If you're struggling to make a sale or reach new people, it's time to get a clear brand message. STAT!

If you don't have a personal connection, or your story, for your business you are going to flop!

Find your brand’s clarity so that you can improve your message and grow your true target audience.

If you've been trying to figure out why you haven't been able to get a sale, or grow your blog, it's time to figure some stuff out, my friend.

For Reals.

I can help you break down exactly what you want to offer to your audience so it’s clear to them.

“Build a product that serves your own needs. And never stop improving it.” - Ben Lang Founder of EpicLaunch

If you’re only in business to make a quick buck, then rethink your business. The more in tune you are with your story, the better connection to your audience.

It's time to visualize your story so you can use it to sell your solution to your problem to others that are just like you!

Before you design your new logo, thorough research of your brand message and target audience is essential.

Having Brand Clarity in Your Business is important because:

  • You want to know how you can take your business to the next level of growth.
  • Want to attract the right target audience.
  • Or maybe you're ready to go through the brand identity design process soon.

I have the perfect solution to help you start

Finding Brand Clarity

In Finding Brand Clarity, I'll take you through the self-discovery journey I use with one-on-one clients to find clarity in their brand. We'll discover your personal story, your values, your business solutions, your audience and your competitors. The process will help you gain clarity so you can continue with the correct message and methods to growing your audience and selling your services or products.

So, What Exactly is Finding Brand Clarity?

Will you be teaching me how to design my logo?

No, I won't be teaching you the steps to design your logo, but I will be taking you through the exercises that you SHOULD do before you start the design process. You will learn more about your business, yourself and your audience.

If you're interested in the whole design process including learning how to design your logo, you might be interested in Create Your Brand. This is my course that teaches you how to use Adobe Illustrator and design expertise to design the perfect brand identity.

In Finding Brand Clarity You Will Learn

How to incorporate your personal story for your starting your creative business. Having a connection will help to attract the right audience to you and build trust.

We will learn more about your ideal target audience is so that you are speaking directly to them and not blindly putting information out there in hopes someone will find you.

We will also learn to use our competitors as inspiration on how to be better in business. We can learn so much from them!

Branding is so much more than just your logo!

What Will I Learn When I Enroll?

I've broken this course down into four modules. Inside you'll learn:

Module 1: Introduction
In this section, I'll welcome you to the course and help you understand more about what we will be discussing plus your intentions to find clarity in your brand.

Module 2: Your Story
In this module, we'll dig deep and discover our story. What is your why for starting your business.

Module 3: Your Business 
We will dive into your business to learn more about what you want your audience to gain from you and your services or products.

Module 4: Your Audience & Your Competitors
You'll be able to build your ideal client avatar and then learn how to use your competitors as inspiration for your business.

But Holly, Will This Course Help Me?

This course is meant for any person who wants to have a better understanding about why they went into business, what their brand message is so they can incorporate it into their content, and who their ideal target audience is.

If you want to make more money, this course is for you!

If you choose to design your own logo after you've finished you'll have a great foundation that's built and ready to represent your business in my course, Create Your Brand.

My goal is to help you have more clarity and sell more!

I've built brand identities for a long time. I know what needs to happen before you design a logo.

Ready to Get Started?

Get access to Finding Brand Clarity or Upgrade and get the entire process of designing your own logo with Create Your Brand.

Finding Brand Clarity

$49 Lifetime Access
  • Four Modules
  • Brand Master Workbook
  • Slide PDFs
  • Course Updates


$199 Lifetime Access
  • Four Core Lessons
  • Includes the Finding Brand Clarity Mini Course
  • Resource Worksheets and Templates
  • Exclusive Membership to Our Private Community
  • Course Upates

IMPORTANT: Before enrolling in this course, please review the entire sales page. You will be agreeing that you understand what this course includes and that if you simply change your mind you will not be issued a refund. I request that my students show me their work and discuss their concerns with me so that we can ensure that communication is clear for future students. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone in the future that requests a refund.

Still Have Questions?

You can always email me directly if the questions and answers below don't help.

Can I get my money back if this course isn't for me?

Yes! I offer a 100% money back guarantee on my courses in the first 5 days however you must discuss with me what you expected from the course and what should have been done differently.

How is this course delivered?

Once you purchase your enrollment, you can immediately log into the course library. You will get your lessons in video format and can go at your own pace at any time.

Why should I upgrade to Create Your Brand?

If you want to design your own logo, and learn the skills of Adobe Illustrator to use in your business, I suggest making the investment and enrolling in Create Your Brand instead. You'll get access to Finding Brand Clarity in this course as well.

What if I have questions?

Finding Brand Clarity doesn't come with a private Facebook Group like Create Your Brand does. However, you can use my public Facebook Group, Brand Clarity to reach out to me and other members for feedback.

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